The Blueprint Project – Black Edition –

The Blueprint Project Black Edition is the latest, and possibly greatest, informational product to be released next year. Developed by the same creators of the Niche Blueprint 2.0 product featured on the Fox Business Channel, the Blueprint Project Black Edition is poised to revolutionize the way that online business owners engage in e-commerce. The Niche Blueprint 2.0 product brought with it a wide range of tools and tutorials targeting everyone from beginners to experts, and effectively demystified online businesses for thousands of entrepreneurs. This new product is rumored to significantly upgrade the previous dropshipping business model by providing tons of new tools, software and information above and beyond the Niche Blueprint 2.0 product. But what exactly is dropshipping?

Dropshipping involves sourcing products from either a manufacturer or distributor and advertising those products for sale on your own e-commerce website. When a customer purchases products through your website, you simply forward the shipping information to your supplier who makes sure that the product reaches your customer.

There are many benefits to dropshipping rather than stocking merchandise yourself. First, dropshipping allows you to operate without a large upfront investment in inventory. Simply select what products you would like to sell from your supplier and begin fulfilling orders. You have the option of determining a selling price, and you keep the profit between your selling price and the supplier's wholesale price. This method puts you in between the supplier and the customer, ensuring you get a slice of the profit for making the sale.

Although dropshipping is an affordable way for new businesses to start selling merchandise, the downside is that profit margins are often smaller. Stores that purchase products in bulk and stock inventory are often able to secure better purchase deals with suppliers and either increase profits or undercut the competition on prices. This price undercutting is often what prevents many sellers from making sales for any significant profit by dropshipping on large auction websites.

The good news is, though, that dropshipping can be an extremely effective business model on private e-commerce sites. As a personal customer of the Niche Blueprint 2.0 website, I went from zero knowledge about website design or e-commerce to developing my own website and making over $ 1,000 in profits last month from online sales. As you can imagine, I am definitely excited to see what upgrades will be included in The Blueprint Project – Black Edition when it is released next January.