How to join the $1.3 trillion E-Commerce industry

The “new” traditional marketplace

It is no surprise to anyone anymore that everybody wants to make money online. In this 1.3 trillion dollar industry, Amazon makes about 100 billion dollars per year. It recently became public knowledge that around 30-50% of all Amazon sales are through the marketplace on Amazon, so it’s not actually the corporation of Amazon them, these are millions of small businesses.

Take a look at Amazon Marketplace, and you’ll see that people are selling everything from rubber bands to books to health supplements. This arena is a good place to start. To sign up, simply go to the Amazon website and they have a link on how to become a marketplace provider.

Now when it comes to learning how to conduct E-commerce, there’s a lot of a tricks of the trade. There are books on how to use the Amazon marketplace, and Amazon also provides a training software. There are other training programs available online as well such as Matt Clark’s program which is the current best seller.

Why E-commerce?

Without a doubt, there will be nothing which won’t be online in ten years. TV, blockbuster, movies, nothing of this nature is making the same kind of money anymore. Everything at one level or another is going to be up on the cloud – meaning it’s going to be online. So, if you’re looking for future trends, and if you’re looking to make more money, getting into online retail is the most promising way.

Also remember that there’s definitely a power to partnering up with a huge company. When you first start out, this gives you a kind of safety net since you’re new to the internet marketplace. Amazon is the best company in the world according to growth rate and the power behind it in terms of user base and amount of transaction. Amazon is essentially a dragon of E-commerce, and if you can grab its tail, you can fly.

Obviously, don’t get into online retail if you don’t care about retail. Never just chase money. Don’t just have the mind-set of making tons of money, because nothing is that easy. Everything takes hustle. The important thing is how you hustle.

Smart Hustle and Dumb Hustle

Dumb hustle is when you hustle after something in a dying industry that’s going to be obsolete in a few years or decades. Instead of that, you want to do smart hustle which implies chasing good trends, and trends which have longevity to them. Online retail is going to inarguably have that in spades, as it already does.

The good news here is that you don’t have to be first either. In fact, when it comes to business it’s always better to let someone else go ahead and pioneer. Never be the first to try something new, because there’s a long learning curve and there’s hardly any mentors to learn from in these processes. That is why training programs such as the one by Matt Clark are beneficial, because these are people who have already worked the kinks out for you so that you don’t have to learn the hard way by losing money and sales.


The sign-off note is a guarantee. Which is that Warren Buffet was right when he said the more you learn, the more you earn. And if you’re not willing to become a learning machine, you will always lag behind the trends, you will always see somebody else pulling off what you knew you could have done. You will always see people do it faster than you. Because, when you’re not learning, and you don’t have a positive attitude towards the work, you’ll be putting your own self at a disadvantage. So if you’re at all interested in being a part of this 1.3 trillion dollar trend, explore your options, google your questions, and check out all kinds of things. Remember to stack trends and keep learning so that you can stay ahead of the curve, avoid mistakes, and make the most off your online business.