Get Customers for Your E-Commerce Store | Your Go-To Online Store Tips

So, you own an online store. That’s pretty cool. But is the conversion rate satisfying? Well, none of us are ever satisfied with our profits even if we generate enough. We always want more customers and a better outcome. Isn’t it?

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you would want more and more profits. And yes, that would come from building loyalty, credibility and trust factors among your customers for your online store. That ultimate trustworthiness would help you get good profits for your online store.

Wait no more, let’s take a sneak-peek for your go-to online store tips.

  • Tip # 1: Get a Custom Domain

Yes, this one of the chief things that you need look over. You are supposed to get a custom domain to increase the trustworthiness of your online store. Many of us own a subdomain on Shopify which may be a hindrance to build loyalty among your customers. This is why, we would suggest you to get your own custom domain.

So, that your store has a link like this: instead of The difference is obvious between the two. When you get a custom domain, it will likely give more credibility to your website or online store. Precisely, you need to get a custom domain to look more professional towards your customers.

  • Tip # 2: Come Up With a Professional Looking Online Store

You also need to ensure that your online store looks decent and professional in terms of brand name, logo, design and overall layout. Often design and layout are over-hyped. All you need to ensure about is to have a decent and sufficient looking theme, brand name and logo and overall layout of your online store. This would ensure about an organized and professional looking store. You need to focus on logo, brand name and overall theme more because people make purchasing decisions, judging these elements.

  • Tip # 3: Check Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors

We have seen people coming up with several advertisements and stores having multiple mistakes in their titles and grammar. That’s a red flag, people. Yes, that can turn your customers away from your website. Make sure that your online store does not have any mistakes, typos, spelling errors in the product titles, logo, brand name or any other descriptions. You are killing the trust of your customers, if they are not rightly done.

Also, if you have an online store on Facebook, keep in mind that spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are against the Facebook’s ad policy and can also get you banned. If you are unsure about the work, you can get it proofread by someone else.

  • Tip # 4: Be Transparent About Everything

Broadly speaking, you need to be transparent about everything in your business to build credibility among your customers. For you e-commerce stores, you need to have an about us section, comprehensive terms and conditions and privacy policies along with shipping methods, costs and delivery time. Whether you have long or short shipping delivery, do not hide it from your customers. Making them know about everything is always better, portraying you professional and legit. The more you are transparent, the greater are the chances of conversions.

  • Tip # 5: Use Recent Sales Notifications

Recent Sales notifications help online stores in increasing their sales. When you have social proof for your store, it can be a huge sales factor. It provides shopping ideas to your customers, notifies your visitors about the recent orders placed by the other customers and increase the conversions. Add this notification to your online store to super charge your social proof for better conversions.

With these tips in mind, we hope you will now be able to get more customers for your e-commerce stores.