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If a PSD to WordPress theme is efficiently designed, it adds so much ease for the webmasters to manage the content of it. It can do wonders for your business and help in developing a website which in turn will lead to increase in traffic to the site.

After using the services of a competent PSD to WordPress conversion provider, one can expect to get all browser compatible codes, W3C valid XHTML/CSS, pixel perfect designs, efficient CMS themes, better system design, SEO semantic coding that will help in retaining high level of professionalism. With so many positive attributes, the conversion has gained much popularity amongst the webmasters. Consequently, several top-notch PSD to WordPress service providers have come up to the fore. The following are some of the top PSD to WordPress Conversion Service providers, which are listed as per certain parameters such as cost of the service provided, delivery time, user feedback and ease of placing the order on the website.

1. Xchop

Since its inception in 2007, Xchop is continuously satisfying its customers with out-of-the-box solutions. Over 8,000 clients are happy with their services due to a highly efficient and dedicated team of CMS developers and Web Programmers.

2. CSS Chopper

With about half a decade of experience, CSS Chopper, India based company is known for delivering 100 percent authentic hand coded WordPress and W3C valid themes.

3. Chop Factory

Chop Factory is considered as one of the best PSD to WordPress conversion providers in the industry since 1999. The company has registered its name amongst the few entities that are known for designing innovative PSD to WordPress templates. They have proven expertise in JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, CSS and others. The agency is known for offering unique customized solutions to cater to the clients’ needs.

4. PSD To Many Things

The company not only specializes in PSD to WordPress but also provide services for PSD to Joomla, PSD to Opencart and PSD to E-mail/Newsletters. With a team of highly experienced professionals, they are known for delivering the services on time.

5. Markup cloud

With over 150 strong and competent workforces, has never disappointed its clients. They are known for providing unmatched quality services and has state of the art WordPress development infrastructure.

6. Markup Box

Markup Box is known for converting PSD to WordPress themes manually as well as conforming to the W3C standards. They are known as one of the best customization service providers.

7. Xhtml Weaver

The web development agency specializes in coming up with W3C compliant and all browsers compatible websites. They are known for providing highly affordable services to its clients.

8. Elite PSD Coding

By utilizing their services, ensure a hassle-free and a quick method of PSD conversion. The client just needs to sit back and relax after sharing the PSDs with this conversion service provider. They will do all the tasks ranging from WordPress theme creation to uploading that theme on the requisite server.

9. PSD to

The European based firm basically focus on creating innovative and customized pixel-perfect themes.

10. WP from PSD

This outsourcing company focusses to garner support of small-scale business entities and they cater to PSD to WordPress services alone.

Hope this list helps you make a right choice of the provider that will pave your website on the path of success, as owning a fully functional, completely manageable, trendy website is the first step towards your business success. Good luck.


A CMS platform is a computer application which allows publishing, editing, deleting, modifying content, maintenance as well as organizing from a central interface. These systems of content management will provide procedures that manage work flow.

The CMS platforms have the following uses:

1. They are used to run websites containing news, blogs and shopping.

2. They also store and organize files, and provide version-controlled access to their data.

3. Some CMS platforms may serve as a central repository that contains documents, pictures, movies, phone numbers and scientific data.

4. They can be used for storing, revising, controlling, enriching and publishing documentation.

The CMS platforms have two elements:

1. The Content management application (CMA) which is the front-end interface for users and allows a user, even with lack of expertise or limited expertise, to change, add and remove content from a Web site without the Webmaster's intervention.

2. The Content delivery application (CDA) which compiles information and updates the Web site.

The following are benefits of using CMS platforms:

1. They can facilitate the cost-effective development of business sites.

2. They make it easier to manage websites even without having the technical knowledge of web development.

3. They make it easy to add and manage content on sites like linking web pages to certain domains, editing pages, updating content, multimedia and uploading images.

4. They offer a choice of styles, colors, features and appealing built-in themes. They also offer plug-ins and templates that can help develop a site in less time and this greatly enhances the overall user experience.

5. The platforms can support a number of websites at the same time, as well as providing support to multiple users

Some examples of content management system platforms are:

1. WordPress – This is the most accessible and most commonly used, it can be quickly installed and has a massive user and developer community.

2. Joomla – This is very customizable and is suitable for any purpose. It is often used by small and medium businesses, by large organizations and individuals.

3. ModX – This is easy to use and can allow non-technical staff to create content.

4. Drupal – This is one of the first choices when building a new website. It has thousands of modules that can be added to increase functionality.

5. DotNetNuke – This is more suited to Windows servers and it is easy to customize a web application in DotNetNuke.

6. TinyCMS – This is a platform that is ideal for small sites and has no database so, once the pages are cached on the server they open very quickly.

Finally, in choosing a CMS platform you need to consider your own expectations, your goals and the purpose of the website.


In this fast paced lifestyle, perfection and speed has become an important criterion in the modern business world. Web developers today are finding ways in inventing applications to accomplish projects in a short amount of time. The answer to that need is Joomla. Joomla is an open source CMS (Content Management System) platform that is used for publishing web content on the internet. It is coded using PHP and stores data in the database using MySQL. It is a powerful system that can be used for blogging, generating RSS feeds, blogs, polls, forums, and supports different types of plugins or special apps developed by system developers, web developers, offshoring web developers, webmasters, and web designers. Joomla has become popular because of the millions of users downloading it in their main website daily. It manages websites and the smartest way way and it contains within a few minutes.

Joomla also offers a wide range of advantages to the users, for which it's getting more popular because of the millions of user downloading it. One of its benefits is that you can easily modify your Joomla website with ease, because Joomla can be updated instantly and changes can be done using its administrator back-end site. It is user-friendly and can be learned very quickly by users who do not have a web development background. The CMS system is also design user-friendly and eye catching to the users, web designers can also customize its template. No doubt today that it is convenient for most users because it's hassle-free and the website can dynamically done professionally like the work of professional web developer.

Joomla today is also in demand in the outsourcing business. BPO companies are now providing the Joomla developers outsource service for interested clients and companies who wanted to avail their own dynamically driven website that can be done a couple of days or a week. The growing demand of the cms, have find ways to Joomla developers by developing plugins that are sufficient in creating websites as well as customize applications. Joomla open source team has also published coding codex or manuals that are helpful in developing your own Joomla plugin or template. Work can be done by a professional Joomla developer who is also knowledgeable in configuring and editing a Joomla cms. You'll not be disappointed when you're using joomla because it allows you to build almost anything. Including blog sites, corporate sites, online stores, ports, and social network based websites.

The advent of outsourcing, help businesses and corporations find ways to make the company stable and more flexible. And of course, perfection, speed, and quality is the basis of innovating your business. That is the purpose of Joomla in this rising economic trend. It helps businesses provide their own website that could be developed and done within a couple of days or less than a week.


The Blueprint Project Black Edition is the latest, and possibly greatest, informational product to be released next year. Developed by the same creators of the Niche Blueprint 2.0 product featured on the Fox Business Channel, the Blueprint Project Black Edition is poised to revolutionize the way that online business owners engage in e-commerce. The Niche Blueprint 2.0 product brought with it a wide range of tools and tutorials targeting everyone from beginners to experts, and effectively demystified online businesses for thousands of entrepreneurs. This new product is rumored to significantly upgrade the previous dropshipping business model by providing tons of new tools, software and information above and beyond the Niche Blueprint 2.0 product. But what exactly is dropshipping?

Dropshipping involves sourcing products from either a manufacturer or distributor and advertising those products for sale on your own e-commerce website. When a customer purchases products through your website, you simply forward the shipping information to your supplier who makes sure that the product reaches your customer.

There are many benefits to dropshipping rather than stocking merchandise yourself. First, dropshipping allows you to operate without a large upfront investment in inventory. Simply select what products you would like to sell from your supplier and begin fulfilling orders. You have the option of determining a selling price, and you keep the profit between your selling price and the supplier's wholesale price. This method puts you in between the supplier and the customer, ensuring you get a slice of the profit for making the sale.

Although dropshipping is an affordable way for new businesses to start selling merchandise, the downside is that profit margins are often smaller. Stores that purchase products in bulk and stock inventory are often able to secure better purchase deals with suppliers and either increase profits or undercut the competition on prices. This price undercutting is often what prevents many sellers from making sales for any significant profit by dropshipping on large auction websites.

The good news is, though, that dropshipping can be an extremely effective business model on private e-commerce sites. As a personal customer of the Niche Blueprint 2.0 website, I went from zero knowledge about website design or e-commerce to developing my own website and making over $ 1,000 in profits last month from online sales. As you can imagine, I am definitely excited to see what upgrades will be included in The Blueprint Project – Black Edition when it is released next January.


Undoubtedly, Joomla is one of the most popular and trusted CMS or Content Management System in all over the world. It allows you to build, organize, publish content over the website, or blogs. It's powerful enough to run a website without facing any trouble. Nowadays, it is considered as an award-winning CMS with plenty of free themes, templates, and plugins that make your web development work easier than ever before. It helps to give a customized look to your site, which you actually want to give with even less technical knowledge. Here are a few more reasons to let you understand that why Joomla is an ideal CMS for your website.

Multilingual: Joomla supports multiple languages ​​that help to create a website in different languages ​​that let you reach out to wider audiences than before. Its multi-language support proves that it is actually a perfect CMS to use.

Perfect To Create An Ecommerce Website: Planning to start an online business looking for a right CMS? Joomla is the right option you can trust that makes your setup easier with great functionality and special customization even without spending much in terms of time, money and manpower.

Not Too Technical: Do not worry, if you are a non-tech savvy person. It's because of creating a website on this CMS that you do not need to deeply delve in the pool of technical knowledge. You can easily complete your task by following some simple steps with very basic computer knowledge.

Vast Community Support: Joomla world's best and most used CMS offers a great help portal, which never lets you lost in the technical world. It has a community of developers around the world, who are ready to provide full support to you in all manners.

Easy Updates: Joomla as a most popular CMS update its software with new features on a regular basis, which help you to update your site and improve its performance. Therefore, it is considered as an ideal CMS for your website.

Content Management: Managing content for a website is actually a big task to do. It's because to get the great result you have to present your content in a responsive manner and for this no option is better than Joomla. It will make your content management work easier.

What's more, are you expecting from a CMS to do for you? It allows you to add as much as functionality you want to add to your website for better results. Therefore, it is a perfect choice, which you should give a try.


One of the smartest ways to get your cash registers ringing in business is to streamline your operations, tracking your progress and increase the productivity without any manual intervention. Yes, today’s amazing technology and applications are loaded with all the facilities to help you turn your cause into profit via a simple business app. If you’re an established organization you should not overlook the benefits of modern technology, and if you’re an ambitious startup there’s simply no other way but to get a business app as soon as possible to give your business the much needed boost.

There exists elaborate lists of business apps that are extremely useful for entrepreneurs. Following are some of the key features that are benefiting business operations in a noteworthy way:

Push Notifications:

This facility allows your app to notify a user about an event, message and more even when the user is not actively using the application. When a device receives push notifications, an app icon and a message appears directly in the status bar. And, when this notification is read by the user, the business app automatically trace the information back to you. Push notifications can be sent to multiple users and is a boon in the face of events, campaigns.

Data Gathering:

With customized business apps you can easily track every move your customers makes, right from the moment he/she lands on your website. What attracts them and what is a total no for your business to getting popular among the customers, you can do everything by developing a customized application. In fact, tracking signals from mobile devices is opening a whole new world of analytic and data-gathering opportunities for retailers stuck in the physical world.

Targeted Advertising:

Business organizations that have already tasted the benefits of target marketing via apps are quite positive about the concept. From providing users with product information, flash sales or deals, and to speeding up the checkout process with a completely contact less payment system. Businesses now have a way to enhance their consumer experience in a big way.

Identifying Sales Opportunities:

Another big reason for businesses to leverage on mobile apps is that mobile devices have opened up a whole new world of sales opportunities. Due to Geo-agnostic marketing options via mobile apps, consumers who are enjoying free time like shopping, waiting for movie tickets, can be targeted to engage with your brand. Thus, a mobile app maximizes the opportunities of reaching out to users through push notifications supported by an easier path to transact.

Announcing Offers/Discounts:

This facility is purely interconnected with Geo-Agnostic advertising. You can use data collected through Geo-Tracking and Ad Campaigns to deliver just-in-time offers/discounts. This will not only ensure optimized success of your campaign, but will also increase your ROI by many folds.


Are you a Non US Resident and wants a US Bank Account badly so that you can open a Paypal account and start selling online? Getting A US Bank Account is simple, easy and – yes, free. I see so many people in internet forums who need a US bank account. I needed one.

Want to know how I did it?

Have you caught yourself saying this many times – “I’m here in South Africa (or in India) and nobody loves us. Especially not PayPal.” Well, here is the good news. I am from India and I got a US bank account, linked it to Paypal, got verified, got a VISA debit card, got a Paypal Debit Card, and now happily withdraw my cash out an ATM anytime.

It’s no secret. Just few simple steps. Follow them asis and you will soon have your own “US Bank Account” and a “Paypal Account”.

Step 1: First, you will need a US mailing address. This is so you can get all your letters, cards etc to you. It’s not really quick to get mail to you – but it works.

These are few of the best mailing services:

· – Highly Recommended!



Step 2: Next you will need a Paypal account. is the place, and its free. Signup free, and use your mail address the US mail forwarding service gave you.

If you have already signed up for Paypal, sign up again under a different email, or delete your account and start again with a fresh one.

Step 3: Now, time to get a US bank account. We will use E-trade. I have attached the forms that you need to fill up and send.

Follow my instructions below and you will have an account with them sooner than you’ve expected.

How to fill in the forms:

Download the form from here: []

Note – A more recent version of form can be downloaded from

Fill ONLY the things in the steps and NOTHING else.

1. Account type: Mark the box labeled individual account.

2. Put your name, initial of middle name and Last name in the fields under “Primary Account holder. Leave the whole “Co Account Holder” side of the form blank.

3. Put your “HOME” address under address. NOT your US address.

4. Put your Home and Business phone numbers in the next field. The format must be “+91(0)9910670401”. Copy the format.

5. Mark the boxes “no” under the next three options on this side of the form and continue to the next page.

6. Put your passport number under the passport number field.

7. Put your Country under the “passport country of issuance and the “country of legal residence and the “Country of citizenship”

8. Move on to “create your investment profile” just below this.

9. Select the boxes “capital preservation”, “none”, “your income”, “you’re approximate net worth”, and “your approximate liquid worth” . I would select a medium income for all these to be safe.

10.Under (4) “Select your account features”, under “taxable income” select Etrade Financial sweep deposit account. It’s the first choice in the list.

11.Leave the “Tax exempt Income” Blank.

12. Cash management features, select “free check writing” and NOT The debit card option. This will come later and you will be charged for it if you select it now.

13.Leave the rest of the form blank and continue.

14. On page 3, under “Fund your account” select the last option “I plan to wire funds from another financial institution.

15.Under “ Sign and date your application” , select “ I am not a US person “

16.Sign this page and move on to page 4.

17. Leave Page 4 blank, but sign and include it.

18.Under” Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding “

19.Under “Name of individual or organization that is the beneficial owner” put your own name

20.Under “Country of incorporation or organization” put your own country.

21.Under “Permanent residence address” put your street address.

22.Under “City or town, state or province. Include postal code where appropriate.” Put your city , then state/province , then postal code

23. Under “country”, put your country.

24. “Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits (if applicable)” tick box a) and put in your country.

25.Leave the rest of the form blank , Expect put “self” under the “category under which acting”

26.Sign and date the form.

Now you’re done with the forms.

Next Steps:

#1: PRINT OUT ALL PAGES (5 pages total)

– Application Form 4 pages – in JPEG format

– Non-US Resident Declaration Form 1 Page – in PDF format

Note: You MUST use Adobe Reader to open the Declaration Form.

The latest version is recommended.

Adobe Reader is freely available at

(If you do not use the latest version of Adobe Reader, your personal details (such as your name and address) may not be displayed or printed properly.)


Make sure your name is spelled correctly, address, passport number, etc. are correct. Page 4 of 4 of the Application Form is entirely blank. Leave it that way. But sign it.

#3: SIGN; WRITE your name in CAPITALS and today’s DATE on Page 3 of the application Form.

#4: SIGN and write today’s DATE on the Declaration Form

#5: MAKE A PHOTOCOPY of the photo-page of your passport. Please make sure it is very clear! – Make two copies – they will need two.

#6: PUT THEM IN AN ENVELOPE AND MAIL to the address on top-left of Page 1 of the Application Form. DO NOT encloses a check or cash as initial deposit. Wait for your account number to be issued first instead, then make your initial deposit by wire transfer or by adding it to your PayPal account.

Once you have your account number, you can immediately add to your PayPal account to be confirmed and verified.

When E*Trade Financial receives your application, your account will be opened within 1 week.

You will receive an email notification at your supplied email address.

For FASTEST service, I recommend you use UPS or Fedex.

Once you get that done, then login to your account and request a debit card. Comes via FedEx in a couple of days. Download money from PayPal to your Etrade account and withdraw at your local ATM.

Piece of cake!


This iPad development tutorial will not cover every single little detail about making an app, but will point you in the right direction so that you can fully learn everything that there is to know about making apps.

Designing An App

It is important that you have the device that you intend to develop for. This will allow you to understand the functionality of the product, and how you can develop an app that fits perfectly with the device's user friendliness.

Market research is important, because it can point you in the right direction in regards to music, sound effects, visuals and playability or performance.

You can do this by using free tools, visiting forums in your niche, or even browsing through the Apple App Store in your chosen category and see what apps people like or do not like at all.

Make sure that you have an idea of ​​what direction you are going in before you begin building an application.

It's important to establish early on what the benefit of your app is, what the goal is, what it will look like, how it will flow and why people will take interest in it.

Making An App

The programming that is involved in developing an app for the iPad has been made much more efficient by the SDK, which stands for Software Development Kit.

This can be downloaded for free at the Apple Developer page, and it includes such tools as the Xcode Editor,
Cocos2d and the simulator.

It helps to be a little knowledgeable with Objective C, which is the backbone programming language of all applications on the Apples operating system.

Even if you are not because, you can certainly familiarize yourself with the inner workings of programming an application, and learn how to communicate well with a small team that you put together, and doing so does not have to cost you a fortune either.

Luckily, the use of libraries and frameworks has made it easier today to copy snippets of code and include them in the Xcode editor, and after downloading the SDK, you can get enough with the programming to actually realize that you can do this on your own.


Joomla Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most popular in the web development, where the companies can save a lot of money in developing their web presence or portals to offer various services. Joomla extensions are helping various modules to implement and achieve the required functionality, thanks to wide user and developer base. Joomla implementation is very user-friendly and more than than that it Open source application, you can customize it as required and distribute, any number of times, without any licensing fee. Today, Joomla is being used all over the world to develop most-effective websites. Most of the Joomla Extensions are free or available with very nominal fee, most of them offer trial version. Joomla's extensive documentation, helps any novice to download and install the application on the web servers, it needs very little technical know-how.

Joomla is not only user-friendly to the developers, it is also excellent platform to integrate any kind of design, and most importantly, it is SEO-friendly. If you would like to implement Joomla for your web development requirements, you can easily approach any Website Designing company, and start without any hesitation. Most of the web development companies are realizing the value and flexibility of the Joomla and offering it as their regular service.

Joomla and it's extensible extensions library helps the developers to build many applications, to list some of them: simple websites, corporates portals, eCommerce websites, online Catalog, eZines, Travel & Hotel Bookings, wedding websites, community ports, etc., etc. , the list is end-less.

Joomla's easy to use text editor makes it pretty easy to add pages (they call it articles), to the website. It is as simple as working in MsWord. You can easily integrate text, tables, graphs and flash elements, etc., More over most of the development companies also train the clients, so your future updates will be pretty easy, and you need to wait for the web developer to respond, or shell out large amounts.

Are you ready for Joomla


It’s taken for granted that an attractive and user friendly online store guarantees high traffic rate and visitors who are potential customers. So it became inevitable to build an online web store with all sophisticated features and utilities. PSD to Zen Cart integration is an ideal shopping cart solution to create comprehensive ecommerce sites.

For those who don’t know, it is an open source user friendly online store.It ensures easy management of online shopping carts and web portals. In PSD to Zen cart conversion, designs in any formats can be easily converted in to customized websites without major modifications. This particular format supports multiple currencies and languages, different payment options, order processing history etc. Converting PSD files to Zen cart implementation will assure you maximum return of interest. At the same time; it augments the chance of brand recognition.

Now you can get a quick glimpse on how this integration proves beneficial for online retailers and web portals. Following are the main points:

• Easy to install
• Order tracking
• Multiple ad banner controller
• Referral tracking
• Multi-display modes
• Inventory and Catalog Management
• Easy-to-use Offline and online payment processing mechanism
• Facility of managing product delivery
• Multiple extra pages facility
• Develop add-ons
• Managing products easily

Aren’t you looking for a shopping website with attractive easy to navigate pages and which loads quickly? It’s possible to get our desired end product using this integration. It is always on the safer side to hire a developer to develop high-quality theme/template, perfectly integrating with your website. An adept and experienced developer possesses the ability to modify or customize PSD files to Zen cart theme/template of your store to meet your exact requirements. You can find innumerable companies offering PSD to Zen cart conversion. While choosing a proficient developing professional, you have to make sure that there is no going back in terms of quality and also your requirements. You can also look upon the clientele, because companies with good track record always have good clients.

The service provider should also ensure minimum turnaround time and also timely delivery of the end product. The main advantage of the web portal powered by PSD to Zen cart integration is error-free coding.All these done and kept in mind, you are ready to leap in the field of online e-commerce and marketing with the help of PSD to Zen cart conversion services and will ensure you the real value for your money.


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