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The prime aim of outsourcing software for most of us is to increase the profit without compromising with defined parameters of our clients. You too might be looking for best options for software outsourcing. Having so many outsourcing options, how you can be sure of selecting the best to get the end results as per your expectations. Certainly, selecting the costliest option is not the guarantee of getting the best. So, 'how to start' is initial stage problem that is faced even by experienced outsources. The best solution of this problem is 'self-assessment' prior to go for outsourcing. Self assessment exercise, 'what and how to outsource', helps you to identify your exact requirement. It not only cuts down the software cost but also makes whole outsourcing process smooth going. Following 4 options your software outsourcing IT may have will help you in deciding 'what and how' to outsource.

Staff Augmentation is the basic model for outsourcing. It is the best choice if you are less experienced in outsourcing tasks because it does not affect the existing ownership and control over the business. Under this option, you ask the service provider to provide specific skilled supporting staff as a low cost supplement skill option. Here, service providers can not be held responsible for the end results because the provided professionals work under your commands.

Out-Tasking option of software outsourcing makes the service provider responsible for specific tasks. Under this option, overall control of the software remains unshared with you while the service providers perform some specific tasks. Out-tasking is a good choice to accomplish short term tasks especially if you identify existing talent hub incapable to perform as per the software requirements. This is one step advanced Out-Tasking option for outsourcing a software. Service providers are given complete responsibility for a project operation. The accountability for the project level but not for business level outputs lies with service provider. You as an outsource monitor the project progress closely. Specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and viable parameters are fixed during the agreement. Amendments may be made whenever you feel necessary to improve the progress of project.

If you are a matured outsource and have good data base of service providers with what you have worked already, Managed Services outsourcing is the best option. Under this option, service provider is held fully responsible for on time delivery of outsourced services. Service provider is allowed to draw up SLAs with client or Operational Level Agreements with other associates following the instructions issued by you. So, selection of outsourcing option depends on outsourcing maturity level, existing infrastructure and the nature of software. Following a road map to migrate from one software outsourcing model to another is also a good option but every step should be taken with utmost care. To make the software outsourcing more cost effective and result oriented, a visit to may be very helpful.


Roofing materials can protect your home from the elements and cut energy costs. Homeowners typically look for innovative home cooling methods to keep their dwellings comfortable, while leaving a few dollars off their monthly electricity bill. This is especially true amid the summer months in scorching hot states like Utah and Arizona. While it occurs to most people that they can turn off their air conditioners when they run errands or go on vacation, or use fans that use less energy when the heat becomes bearable, scientific roofing technology can be a viable solution to keep you from sweltering during the summer.

Living Green magazine reports that traditional black roofs absorb light and heat from the sun, which is partly why densely populated city blocks can become very comfortable places to live during a heat wave. One way to combat this is installing reflective roofing panels or coatings, which send sunbeams flying back into the atmosphere.

While profiling long-time roofing technology advocate, Clinton Administration energy policy adviser and Commissioner of the California Energy Commission Arthur H. Rosenfeld, Grist magazine goes into greater detail about the environmental benefits of reflective roofing. If less heat is being trapped on the Earth, the amount of greenhouse gases that get stuck in the atmosphere actually goes down, according to the source.

In a hypothetical scenario where all the cities in tropical or temperate areas converted the tops of buildings into white roofs, it would cut the world's carbon emissions about as much as it would if the earth contained 300 million fewer cars, reports Living Green.

Rosenfeld has championed energy-efficient roofing for energy conservation, as well as its capacity to reduce smog. But that feature may not be pertinent to people residing in suburban or rural areas where smog is not an issue.

That does not mean advances in roofing technology only apply to cities. Consider the roof of an Australian desert estate featured in Jetson Green. Not only is the roof white to keep the sun from pounding on the home, but it's actually a second roof raised above the original. The elevation between the roofs creates a layer of air between the house and the sky's blistering heat.

Either white reflective panels or white elastomeric coatings Do the most effective job at redirecting sunlight, Permanent Living Green's report that white roofs often are not aesthetically preferable for residential buildings. But scientists specializing in sunlight have figured out ways for roof paneling and coatings of darker hues to deflect heat, although not as thoroughly as white roofing.

The Cool Roof Rating Council reports that you could save up to 30 percent on summer utility bills with an energy efficient roof. So if you're thinking about upgrading your home or would like to pay less for electricity during the summer, your local contracting company can give you information on the best cool roof technology for your structure.


In Australia it is currently the school holidays. Families head off to the snow or, if they do not like the cold, they head off to a tropical island somewhere to escape (like my accountant did!) It's actually my accountant who inspired me to write this article because of a conversation we had before he left. He wanted to have a chat about how he was going to keep in touch with his clients while away on holidays.

And that's where I come in! I've deal with SOHO businesses in the past that just shut down their business over a holiday period. I do not particularly like this approach to business, especially in an always connected world. I'm not saying that you need to be answering emails 24/7. I understand that sometimes you do need to switch off and you should not work 10 hour days, 365 days a year, but there is now technology available that allows you to keep the work going while you are on holiday to ensure the world does not end. With new mobile phones and wireless broadband, you can still log in for an hour or so each day to make sure that your business keeps running (for some people it actually reduces stress when they are traveling.)

Here are some examples of how the best smart phones can improve your holiday:

You can keep in touch with the office or clients- You do not have to do a full day of work but with the latest mobile phones you can check your email once or twice to see if any of your staff or clients have tried to get in touch with you. It is much better to nip a potential crisis in the bud before it gets out of hand and discourages you from ever taking a holiday again. You can also use tools like Dropbox and a variety of other useful apps to check files and update them from your device if need be.

You can keep the kids entertained- If you are traveling with children a smartphone may just be your best friend. You can keep kids entertained with the latest music, games and videos. Smartphones are great in airports or on long car trips.

You can make productive use of downtime- The best smartphones let you jot down ideas as you have them so you can make use of downtime. If you get up before everyone else, churn out an article. If you are exercising in the hotel gym, jot down some blog post ideas while riding on the exercise bike. The options are endless.

Rather than ruining your holiday, a smartphone may actually save your holiday. You'll know what is going on back home but be able to easily switch off when need be. Do yourself a favor and find the best smartphone for your situation today.


This whole system seems crazy to me.

“The MonaVie opportunity and the R3 Global Total Support System to achieving better health and wealth.” Sounds a little crazy don’t you think? I say it is. But again, don’t want to upset anyone, it’s just my opinion.

The MonaVie product is claiming to be number one as a supper food? Brig Hart said these words himself. Who, by the way is an excellent speaker. Humble though isn’t he? MonaVie is a wine like substance, in a wine like bottle that you are to sell to your friends and family.

You will be offering the business opportunity and product to others through the follow acronym: The ITS factor, (Invite, taste and share.) “Make a list of every one you know every where…” Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Let me tell you something, If you are anything like me your reputation with friends and family for testing crazy products and programs on them is pretty bad. The last thing I ever do at this point is try to push or sell stuff to them. They know where to find me if they see me working on something that interests them.

$39.00 to get involved. Then you have the “right” to be able to buy a case of the product again, bottles of some sort of wonder wine at a wholesale price. Then you get signed up on an “AS” (auto ship) so they can continually ship you cases of this stuff. Anything like AA? (Alcoholics anonymous) You buy the MonaVie wine-like product at $32.00 each and then unload it at like $45.00 a piece.

I don’t know, didn’t people catch on to this kind of thing with Am Way years and years ago? At least that was regular products you could use every day or that regular people bought like toilet paper and T.V.s and such.

This system brings back terrifying memories of a drinkable goopy green Aloe Vera gel that I sold with Nutrition for Life. My poor mom still has some of that stuff in a box in the basement along with some other pills and stuff. Sorry mom.

I just can not support Brig Hart or this MonaVie product and selling system. Imagine trying to get people to come over to your house, drink some mystery drink and then actually buy it! THE END.


There are many ways to spice up your love life. Maybe you feel that your love life has become a little bit boring and predictable or maybe you just want to learn new ways of making your lovemaking session more intimate or exciting. Well if you try out the following tips and advice you might just succeed in doing this!

Tips And Advice

1 – Share your sexual fantasies with one another, perhaps try and act them out.

2 – Extend foreplay time, because the more excited you are the more intense the orgasm.

3 – Make love by candlelight.

4 – Have a shower together.

5 – Incorporate whipped cream into your session.

6 – Talk dirty to one another while making love.

7 – Try doing a strip dance.

8 – Tease your partner through the day.

9 – Make love all around your home.

10 – If picking up your lover wear only a long coat.

11 – Lay on a blanket together and look at the stars while sharing a bottle of wine.

Overall you need to feel totally comfortable with one another! You need to be open with each other and above all communication is key for each of you getting to know exactly what you like and how you like it. You need to relax and just be yourself and not think of anything other than your love for your partner.

Too Tired For Lovemaking?

When your partner is too tired for making love, persuading or trying to convince them always never works! However if you get them aroused the body releases adrenaline into the blood stream that in turn gives them the energy to have sex.

Here is How To Arouse Them The Right Way

Women: Guys you need to passionately kiss them paying particular attention to her neck. Looking into her eyes and touching her face can really increase her arousal. Also softly running your fingers up and down her body is guaranteed to drive her wild!

Men: OK girls for the men you need to stroke him or play with him using your mouth and tongue. Upon waking up in the morning is the time when a mans testosterone is at its highest, so getting into bed with nothing on or just sexy lingerie will make him mad for it.


If you are looking for a profitable way to create "make money ads" in just seconds you should look into CPA advertising.

The acronym CPA might sound alarming at first glance but, in truth, it reflects, and incredibly easy (and profitable) way to make money on line.

CPA simply stands for "Cost Per Acquisition" or "Cost Per Action".

Cost Per Action means that the user must take a normal action in order to trigger a payment for you. And here comes the fun … with CPA, the action does not have to be the purchase of the product advertised.

In most cases, Cost Per Action offers will ask the user to submit an email or a zip code in order to get a reward. "Cost Per Acquisition", on the other hand, means that the user must actually buy the product or subscription advertised.

Whether or not you're choosing to focus on Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition, CPA marketing simply is a form of advertising that will allow you to quickly create make money ads in any possible niche, even though you are not an expert.

How much money you can make? It really depends on you … and on how you advertise your offers. Pay / lead offers will make you from $ 1.00 to $ 10-15 lead.

Will you get reach?

Again it depends on how much traffic you get and the conversion power of your advertising platform. The advertising platform for your make money ads does not have to be your website. Ifyou have a blog of any kind, by all means, you can simply stick a few banners and links in the most strategic positions.

However, most CPA offers target specific countries and if your user clicks from the wrong country, the offer will not be available.

For this reason, CPA advertising has become really popular on facebook. Next time you login your Facebook account look on those little ads on your right. You'll see that many of them do not ask you to buy anything but to just enter your email a zip code.

Facebook allows you to laser target your prospects choosing country, city, age, interests etc … Also, most people using Facebook are not there to buy anything … most users are there to socialize or network.

This makes CPA marcketing absolutely the perfect way to quickly create laser targeted make money ads in any niche market, and with very little work on your part.

So if you were looking for a fun way to make money on line, CPA could be the perfect choice. After a bit of practice, you'll get better and better and the earnings will accumulate quickly.


Tip 1
You are not trying to make a new friend when you are buying a car. Be gracious, build a rapport, but do not get too friendly. On the other hand car dealers are not going to put up with rudeness.

Tip 2
Do not be afraid to ask for a discount. Be confident, and ask for the dealer to sympathize with you. Say something like: "This is a great car, but my wife will kill me if I spend what you're asking.

Whether or not your wife would be upset is irrelevant. This is called appealing to someone with greater authority than you. You can stay on good terms with the dealer, but still push for a good deal. It makes the seller more inclined to move on price.

Do not accept the first offer after your plea for sympathy. No matter the offer say something like, "hmmmm, I still do not think my wife would buy that." Or, "You can not do better than that?"

Tip 3
Silence is a powerful negotiating tool. After asking him to improve his offer always resist the urge to say something else. Silence can be painful, but its necessary to get a good deal on your car.

Tip 4
Do your research on car prices in the area. Always ask "Will you match your competitor's prices?" And be prepared to say "these guys are selling for X price."

Tip 5
Ask the car dealer for added value. Once you've exhausted other potential discount options, ask for add on to sweeten the deal.

These tips apply to shopping for new and used cars. Stick to the plan and you will get a great deal. Good luck!


Disney's Adventure land offers various interesting adventures to its visitors. You can climb a tree, fly over the desert, explore the jungle, sail on the high seas and visit a tropical island where birds talk and sing. So, if you love to experience these adventures then be in Adventure land. Except these adventures, you will be pleased to see the exotic ambiance of the Caribbean.

Book in advance the Adventure land tickets, so that you need not to stand in a long queue for tickets. This fantasy land of storybook will definitely caste a spell on you and will make you forget the harsh realities of life.

The characters like Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, Rafiki and other Disney characters will create the whole atmosphere, a perfect dream land. You will newly discover the childlike mind that prevails inside you. Thanks to Walt Disney for creating such a lovely place in Walt Disney World Resort.

Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Magic Carpets of Aladdin, etc are the most popular attractions in Adventure land.

The theme park Cypress Gardens is located in Winter Haven, Florida in the United States. The water ski shows and Southern Belles make this place more lovable. Numerous thrilling rides also includes its great features.

The Roller Coasters include Fiesta Express, Triple Hurricane, Galaxy Spin, Star liner, and so on. Apart from Roller Coasters, thrill rides like Power Surge, Yo-Yo, Thunderbolt, etc are the most popular rides of the park.

The beautiful garden and its thrilling rides draw endless tourist every year. Elements like Southern belles in hoop skirts and water ski shows were assimilated into the park, which had only single-handedly relied on the lure of its undeniably manicured, if not beautiful botanical gardens.

Walt Disney World tickets will bring your way the most happening events of your life. Your family especially your kids will definitely find it wonderful to spend time in Disney World.


By default, Microsoft Word automatically changes straight quotation marks ('or') to curly (smart or typographer's) quotes as you type. to HTML, the quotes are converted to non-standard characters which end up littering your document with question mark symbols and / or other garbage code.

When in doubt, do not allow your Ezine Articles to contain smart quotes:

Most articles that are put into article distribution often end up being sent to an email newsletter audience. Email newsletter servers have near zero-tolerance for MS Word smart quotes; they will not recognize them as valid ASCII characters (because they are not valid). They are a figment of the Microsoft ASCII imagination. In most cases they will show up as garbage code; thus making you, and your article, look like a real novice lacking proper formatting skills.

At risk are: quotes, apostrophes, double dashes, and 3 periods in a row.

This is what smart quotes looks like when properly displayed:

smart quotes arent very smart

This is what STANDARD quotes looks like when properly displayed:

"smart quotes" are not very smart …

This is what smart quotes looks like when NOT properly displayed:

â Smart Quotesâ € ™ are not very smartâ|

Do you see the downside potential of leaving smart that put into distribution? Standard quotes use the lowest common denominator in the ASCII character standards world and this ensures that your articles will look great in any HTML or TEXT format.

How To Disable Microsoft Words Smart Quotes:

1. On the Tools menu, click AutoCorrect Options, then click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.

2. Under Replace as you type, select or clear the "Straight quotes" with "smart quotes" check box.

Alternately, you can copy your entire MS Word document over to a non Microsoft text editor (EditPlus, UltraEdit, TextPad, etc) and do a simple search and replace. Search and replace the smart quotes into standard quotes, apostrophes, dashes and dots if applicable.

Caution For Authors Who Do HTML Code For Their Articles in MS Word:

Unless you have smart quotes disabled, it should be noted that smart quotes are not valid HTML code. Therefore, dont even consider using MS Word to do HTML code unless you have the smart quotes feature disabled.

Article Marketing Smart Quotes Conclusion

Smart quotes are best left for e-books, physical books in print, PDF documents and any non-HTML related document. If you want to increase the portability of your EzineArticles, do the smart thing and turn off Microsoft Words smart quotes or do a search / replace before you upload your next article to the web.


Cordless leaf blowers are nice because you don’t have to be close to any electrical outlets or have an extension cord going across your yard when you are trying to blow the leaves or grass clippings that are in your yard. You can use your cordless leaf blower in your garden. Many of them don’t even use gasoline. Therefore, you won’t smell like gas when you are done using it. Most of them are very inexpensive, and it is very easy to charge the battery that comes with them. Most of them are lightweight and easy to use also. Many of them only weigh three or four pounds. So if you aren’t in the best physical shape, you can still use your leaf blower. They are also quieter than the other corded blowers.

There are many different brands of cordless leaf machines that you can buy. As with any product that you buy, there are ones that are better quality than others. The one that would be best for you depends on what you are going to be using it for and how long you will be using it. You should read on the packaging or ask the sales associate which one would be best for your particular situation. If you know somebody that has one, you might be able to ask them what they think of them before you buy one.

You should wear safety goggles when using your whichever blower you may own because you are blowing stuff around and anytime you are doing that, there is a chance of blowing dust and debris around and it could get into your eyes. You should also wear ear muffs to protect your hearing. Even though the cordless leaf blowers are usually quieter than the gasoline operated ones or the standard electric ones, it doesn’t have to be very loud to do damage to your ears. Anytime you are working in your yard, you should wear gloves to protect your hands when you are picking things up.


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